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Here we list albums on the Mary Hopkin Music label. Mary released two albums on Apple Records, Postcard in 1969 and Earth Song/Ocean Song in 1972.

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Mary Hopkin and Jessica Lee Morgan Two Hearts

Two Hearts - CD (2023) MHM016

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Why Worry (Mark Knopfler)
  3. The Less Said The Better
  4. Where Do You Go?
  5. Far Away
  6. Eternal Flame (Susannah Lee Hoffs, Thomas F Kelly, Billy Steinberg)
  7. Here it All Comes Again
  8. Sail With Me
  9. My Town (Anna McGarrigle)
  10. You've Got Everything
  11. Two Hearts, Broken

All songs by Mary Hopkin and Jessica Lee Morgan unless specified

Mary Hopkin Pieces

Pieces - CD (2022) MHM015

  1. Free-falling
  2. One for Me
  3. Face Your Fears
  4. Golden Hero
  5. Pieces of My Heart
  6. Make Hay
  7. It Really Doesn't Matter
  8. Heartache to Happiness
  9. Midsummer Dream
  10. Meditation

All songs by Mary Hopkin

Mary Hopkin Festival Hall 1972-Remastered

Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1972 - Remastered CD (2021) MHM014

  1. Once I Had a Sweetheart (Trad. Arr.)
  2. Ocean Song (Liz Thorsen)
  3. Streets of London (Ralph McTell)
  4. Sparrow (Benny Gallagher/Graham Lyle)
  5. Aderyn Pur (Trad. Arr.)
  6. If I Fell (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  7. Silver Dagger (Trad. Arr.)
  8. Donna Donna (Sholom Secunda/Aaron Zeitlin)
  9. Those Were the Days (Gene Raskin/Boris Fomin)
  10. Earth Song (Liz Thorsen)
  11. Morning Has Broken (Trad./Eleanor Farjeon)
  12. Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)
  13. International (Benny Gallagher/Graham Lyle)

Mary Hopkin A Christmas Chorale

A Christmas Chorale - CD (2020) - MHM013

  1. The First Christmas Day (Barbara Kluge, Ian A Copley)
  2. So Blyssid Be The Tyme (Trad, R R Terry)
  3. Iesu Faban (Nantlais)
  4. Far, Far in a Manger (Haydn Morris, Edward Arthur)
  5. Tua Bethlem Dref (Trad, Edward Arthur)
  6. In The Bleak Midwinter (Christina Rossetti, Gustav Holst)
  7. I Sing Of A Maiden (Trad, Bryan Hesford)
  8. Suai'r Gwynt (Nantlais, Haydn Morris)
  9. Lullay My Liking (Trad, Gustav Holst)
  10. Rejoice (Madrigal) (Mary Hopkin)
  11. The New Year (Trad/Mary Hopkin, R R Terry)
  12. Heavenly Host (Morgan Visconti)

    Bonus Tracks

  13. Mary Had A Baby - 1972 (Trad. Arr. Mary Hopkin)
  14. Cherry Tree Carol - 1972 (Trad)
  15. The Holly And The Ivy (Trad) - Mary aged 12 with the Pontardawe Grammar School
  16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen(Trad. Arr. Mary Hopkin)
  17. Snowed Under (Mary Hopkin) - 2008

Mary Hopkin Another Road

Another Road - CD (2020) - MHM012

  1. Another Road
  2. Looking Over My Shoulder
  3. Single Woman
  4. Here Are We
  5. Love is Gone
  6. Red, White and Blue
  7. What's Real
  8. Window Glass
  9. Valentine
  10. Love Affair

All songs by Mary Hopkin

Mary Hopkin Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days - CD (2018) - MHM011

  1. Those Were The Days (2018) (Gene Raskin/Boris Fomin)
  2. Those Were The Days (Festival Hall 1972) (Gene Raskin/Boris Fomin)
  3. Those Were The Days (1977) (Gene Raskin/Boris Fomin)
  4. Goodbye (1977) (Paul McCartney)

Mary Hopkin Iesu Faban

Iesu Faban - Digital (2015) - MHM010

  1. Iesu Faban

Featuring Jessica Lee Morgan and Morgan Visconti

Mary Hopkin Those Were The Days/Goodbye 1977

Those Were The Days - Digital (2014) - MHM009

  1. Those Were The Days (Gene Raskin/Boris Fomin)
  2. Goodbye (Paul McCartney)

Recorded in 1977 and released on Mary Hopkin Music

Mary Hopkin Painting by Numbers

Painting by Numbers - CD (2013) - MHM008

  1. Painting by Numbers
  2. Fair-weather Friends
  3. Love, Long Distance (Mary Hopkin/Benny Gallagher)
  4. Gold and Silver
  5. Improvisation
  6. Fresh out of Favours
  7. Die for You
  8. Teardrops
  9. Incurable Romantic
  10. Love Belongs Right Here (Mary Hopkin/Brian Willoughby)

All songs by Mary Hopkin unless otherwise indicated

Mary Hopkin Spirit

Spirit - CD (2011) MHM007

  1. Ave Maria (Schubert)
  2. Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd-Webber)
  3. Jerusalem (Parry/Blake)
  4. Requiem (Introit) (Faure)
  5. Requiem (Kyrie) (Faure)
  6. One Fine Day (Madam Butterfly) (Puccini)
  7. Intermezzo (Cavalleria Rusticana) (Mascagni)
  8. Ave Verum-Corpus (Mozart)
  9. Pie Jesu (Faure)
  10. Sweet and Low (Tennyson/Barnby)

Mary Hopkin You Look Familiar

You Look Familiar (with Morgan Visconti) - CD (2010) MHM006

  1. America
  2. People Say
  3. Heaven Knows
  4. Pretenders
  5. The Earth Turns
  6. Time of Your Life
  7. Eve's Revenge
  8. Dog Eat Dog
  9. Chime
  10. Walk Like Me

All songs by Mary Hopkin and Morgan Visconti

Mary Hopkin Now and Then

Now and Then - CD (2009) MHM005

  1. Take Me Back (Paul Muggleton/Bob Noble)
  2. Crazy for my Sweetheart (Bert Jansch)
  3. Who Will Be? (Mary Hopkin)
  4. Life Song (Terry Cashman/Tommy West)
  5. When He Shines (Dominic Bugatti, Freddie Palmer)
  6. Tell Me Now (Mary Hopkin)
  7. What a Friend you Are (Tom Paxton)
  8. Wrap Me in your arms (Harlan Collins)
  9. Brown Eyes and Me (Mary Hopkin)
  10. One Less Set of Footsteps (Jim Croce)
  11. Shamarack (John Kongos)
  12. If You Love Me (Monnet/Parsons/Piaf)
  13. Bitter Harvest (Dave MacRae)
  14. Happy Birthday (Patti and Mildred Hill, arranged by Mary Hopkin)

Mary Hopkin Christmas Songs EP

Christmas Songs EP - CD (2008) MHM004

  1. Mary Had A Baby (Trad)
  2. Cherry Tree Carol (Trad)
  3. Snowed Under (Mary Hopkin)
  4. Hidden Bonus Track: Message from Mary and Jessica (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)

Mary Hopkin Recollections

Recollections - CD (2008/9) MHM003

  1. Long Time Ago (Jim Croce)
  2. Lion Tamer (Stephen Schwartz)
  3. Perfect Love (Paul Williams)
  4. I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song (Jim Croce)
  5. Quiet Moments (Dominic King and Frank Musker)
  6. A Leaf Must Fall (Clive Palmer)
  7. One Day I'll Walk (Bruce Cockburn)
  8. Who's the One? (Mary Hopkin)
  9. Last Thing on my Mind (Tom Paxton)
  10. Next Time, This Time (Jim Croce)
  11. Another Day (Mary Hopkin)

Mary Hopkin Valentine

Valentine - CD (2007) MHM002

  1. With You Or Without You (Liz Thorsen)
  2. Hope Is (Mary Hopkin)
  3. Sometimes it's not Enough(When You Use Only Words) (John Kongos)
  4. No Love Is Sorrow (Pentangle)
  5. Life Begins Again (Mary Hopkin)
  6. All The Diamonds (Bruce Cockburn)
  7. There I Find You (Bruce Cockburn)
  8. Loving You is So Easy (Paul Muggleton/Bob Noble)
  9. Mother Earth (Ron Mael/Russell Mael)
  10. Only Lovers Decide (Emmit Rhodes)
  11. Trust Once More (Emmit Rhodes)
  12. All I've Ever Known (Mary Hopkin)

Mary Hopkin Festival Hall

Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1972 - CD (2005) MHM001

  1. Once I Had a Sweetheart (Trad. Arr.)
  2. Introductions
  3. Ocean Song (Liz Thorsen)
  4. Streets of London (Ralph McTell)
  5. Sparrow (Benny Gallagher/Graham Lyle)
  6. Aderyn Pur (Trad. Arr.)
  7. If I Fell (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  8. Silver Dagger (Trad. Arr.)
  9. Donna Donna (Sholom Secunda/Aaron Zeitlin)
  10. Those Were the Days (Gene Raskin)
  11. Earth Song (Liz Thorsen)
  12. Morning Has Broken (Trad./Eleanor Farjeon)
  13. Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)
  14. International (Benny Gallagher/Graham Lyle)

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