Those Were The Days/Goodbye

On 28th April 2014, we released 'Those Were the Days' and 'Goodbye' digitally on Mary Hopkin Music with brand new artwork from Mary Hopkin herself.


Those Were the Days when deals were not always done properly. We say Goodbye to K-Tel (and some others), who we have recently discovered to have been distributing re-recordings of TWTD and Goodbye digitally.

Once upon a time (in 1977) these two tracks were re-recorded by Mary Hopkin and Tony Visconti and licensed to K-Tel so that they could include them in cassette, record and, just to date the deal, cartridge!

They have in recent years been released on CD and through download sites like iTunes and Amazon, but NOT with Mary, Tony or MHM's consent.

We have taken the opportunity to make them available through all legal download sites through our distribution partners so that fans who download these tracks will be downloading them from us.

Your download service will give Mary Hopkin Music as copyright holder and feature Mary's artwork as shown to the right - the person in the song looking through the tavern window.

If it doesn't say Mary Hopkin Music on it, then we haven't given permission and you will be downloading an illegal, unauthorised copy.

Of course Apple have re-released the original albums and recordings in recent years and their releases are, of course, legitimate and authorised. Another recording of 'Those Were the Days' appears on the Mary Hopkin Music release Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1972 and this is also legitimate.

You can buy this release from The Space Records Shop


Mary Hopkin Music owns and administers original masters of 1977 re-recordings by Mary Hopkin of the songs 'Those Were The Days' and 'Goodbye' ("the Recordings").

In recent months it has come to the company's attention that certain companies including K-Tel have been involved in unauthorised exploitation of the Recordings as digital downloads and previously in digital formats and has purported to license certain third parties to engage in similar unauthorised exploitation.

This exploitation has been unlawful and in infringement of the company's rights and formal steps have been taken to prevent further unauthorised exploitation.

Would all fans of Mary Hopkin please ensure that they only buy official Mary Hopkin product, either released by or licensed from Mary Hopkin Music. If you have any queries please contact us at

[This notice does not apply to exploitation of 'Those Were the Days' and 'Goodbye' released on Apple Records or Mary Hopkin Music.]

Mary Hopkin Those Were The Days/Goodbye