1. Can Mary do an interview for my book/magazine/radio show?

Mary does not give interviews any more. Her daughter Jessica is available though.

2. How can I get in touch with Mary?

Email us! Mary regrets she is unable to reply to fan mail.

3. I've got an enquiry about The Beatles/Apple Records, or I want to ask Mary about her time there.

Mary is mentioned in many books about The Beatles, and has talked about it in some interviews (see Press page) and there's not much more to add, but you can ask us.

4. Can Mary sign my CD or can I have a signed photo?

Sorry, Mary regrets she is unable to sign autographs any more. Incidentally, beware of autographs offered for sale on eBay purporting to be from Mary - they may well be faked. Any postal requests sent to us will be ignored.

5. When will Mary perform live again?

Mary prefers not to perform live any more. But she loves recording and is still singing. There are performances on Youtube and we hope to add more from our Space Lounge.

6. Where can I find other albums by Mary?

eBay or Amazon are best bets. MHM only deals with post-Apple releases.

7. Will there be more new albums by Mary?

Mary is still writing and recording and anything new will be released by Mary Hopkin Music.

There are some previous recordings that have yet to see the light of day. They will be released periodically by Mary Hopkin Music. If you would like to be kept informed of new releases, please sign up for our mailing list on the home page.

If you have bought MHM albums, we will notify you of future releases. If you get an email from us and don't wish to receive any more, please click on the 'unsubscribe' link in the email.

8. I want to use "Those Were the Days" in some way.

The song: If you want to re-record TWTD, you can do. All you have to do is contact PRS for Music who give licences for recording published songs. If you want to sing/play it live, the venue where you're performing should be covered by a PRS licence who will collect money from that performance and pass it on to the copyright holders.

Mary didn't write TWTD, nor did Paul McCartney. It was a traditional folk tune with new lyrics by Gene Raskin. The lyrics are still under copyright. Mary's performance copyright of the song is either owned by Apple Records or by us, depending on the recording.

9. Where can I find "All My Days" or "Where's Jack"?

Sorry, we have no idea and since we don't own the recordings we have no plans to release them.

10. How can I buy CDs?

We have a new shop that incorporates Mary's music along with other releases from Space Records. You can find it here.

11. Do you sell wholesale?

We can do a reduced price for volume sales. Please email us with your requirements.

12. Who runs Mary Hopkin Music?

Mary Hopkin Music was set up in November 2005, just before Space Studios opened. Jessica Lee Morgan, Mary's daughter, decided that it was a straightforward process to release Mary's material and started MHM from home. MHM became part of Space Studios in December 2005. It's still run by Jessica. There are no huge teams of staff running the show, just Jess. This way Mary can work the way she wants to, just writing and recording and recently, doing the occasional interview. So your patience and custom is very much appreciated! We also appreciate the support of Christian Thomas, who runs Space Studios with Jess and who engineers and mixes with Mary.