Painting by Numbers

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Track Listing

  1. Painting by Numbers (Hopkin)
  2. Fair-weather Friends (Hopkin)
  3. Love, Long Distance (Hopkin/Gallagher)
  4. Gold and Silver (Hopkin)
  5. Improvisation (Hopkin)
  6. Fresh out of Favours (Hopkin)
  7. Die for You (Hopkin)
  8. Teardrops (Hopkin)
  9. Incurable Romantic (Hopkin)
  10. Love Belongs Right Here (Hopkin/Willoughby)


    Album Notes

    A fine gem of an album. Stripped-down and bare, or "nearly naked" as she puts it, these songs are straight from Mary herself, recorded at home or with friends. With just the barest instrumentation, Mary's voice shines through on 10 of her own songs. Friends Benny Gallagher and Brian Willoughby help out on songwriting and guitar on one track each, but the rest is pure Mary.

    The album features "Gold and Silver" which has been gathering favourable attention on Youtube (but you can watch it here).

    Rescued from darker reaches of her attic, these recordings have no master back-up, which means they will stay as they are... for now.

Mary Hopkin Painting by Numbers

'Painting by Numbers'