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Two Hearts

Mary Hopkin and Jessica Lee Morgan - Two Hearts

MHM016 - Two Hearts (2023)


Two Hearts was released in 2023.

The CD is presented in a cardboard gatefold sleeve with an 8-page illustrated lyric booklet.

Track Listing

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Why Worry (Mark Knopfler)
  3. The Less Said The Better
  4. Where Do You Go?
  5. Far Away
  6. Eternal Flame (Susannah Lee Hoffs, Thomas F Kelly, Billy Steinberg)
  7. Here it All Comes Again
  8. Sail With Me
  9. My Town (Anna McGarrigle)
  10. You've Got Everything
  11. Two Hearts, Broken

    Album Notes

    Mary Hopkin and her daughter Jessica Lee Morgan release a long-awaited album of duets. Having sung together at home and on each other's albums, they finally committed to an album of their favourite covers and some new jointly-written and performed songs.

    Mary and Jessica learned some covers together back when Jessica got her first guitar as a teenager. These included 'Eternal Flame' by The Bangles, 'My Town' by the McGarrigles, and 'Why Worry' by Dire Straits. They sang the latter together on stage when Mary appeared with The Chieftains in 1999.

    They moved on to writing together and Jessica included some of these songs in live shows and on her albums, such as 'Here It All Comes Again' and 'The Less Said The Better'.

    Other songs were written more recently, Mary writing lyrics and melodies to Jessica's instrumentals, resulting in stunning multi-layered harmonies on tracks such as 'Far Away' and 'Two Hearts, Broken'.

    The result is a mix of styles unified by voices which sometimes can be difficult to tell apart, but also having their own unique characteristics.

    Mary and Jessica play most of the instruments between them. Morgan Visconti - Mary's son and Jessica's brother - has supplied soaring electric guitar solos on three of the tracks. Christian Thomas has been the invaluable engineer and technical support, also playing bass and additional guitar.

    Previous releases on Mary Hopkin Music feature artwork by Mary, but this time Mary gave Jessica free rein with her paints.