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Iesu Faban - A Christmas Chorale - Mary's Nativity

Just before we sent 'Iesu Faban' off for mastering, I spoke to Mary about the mix, and she told me about her recollections of singing the songs as a child. It's a great story so I asked her to write it down...

Chatting to Chris the other day, I remembered my first public performance of 'Iesu Faban'. I must have been around eight or nine years old and was playing the part of Mary in our junior school Nativity play.

Having been unwell the previous day, I had missed the dress rehearsal, so donning my blue robes and veil, I was waiting anxiously at the door to the hall, where the whole school and various parents were assembled.

My helpful friend handed me a cardboard halo, insisting that I wear it - so I did. I heard my cue and took my place on the stage. I held the baby Jesus and began my song, 'Iesu Faban', accompanied on the piano by my teacher, Miss Willcox.

A few bars in, Miss Willcox suddenly noticed my headwear and, one hand on the keys, with the other began to wave frantically at my head, mouthing 'Take it off!'.

I thought this was a rather untimely and over-zealous attention to biblical detail, but knew that I must obey. So, halfway through my lullaby, destroying what I felt had been a mesmerising performance, I reached up and removed my halo. This caused much amusement to the audience and much mortification to me.

From Mary, Jessica, Morgan and Chris, we wish you a very Merry Christmas

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