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Now I'm Here

24th July 2011

Welcome to the happy home of MHM. Do come in, take a look around, have a cup of tea, hear some music, check out the HopShop…

You might wander into Space Studios, where you’ll find Jessica (my daughter) whose studio it is and Chris (her partner) at work. Chris will be at the control desk, recording, mixing, or editing sound and vision. Jessica may be at the mic, doing a vocal, laying down a guitar or keyboard part, writing a new song: or she may be in the office, at the computer, running MHM - single-handedly, as well as running Space with Chris. They both amaze me! I love working here.

Mary Hopkin definitely wasn't killed by a Sumo wrestler

Back in 2005, when we unearthed and released the archive albums, Jessica pointed out that, as I’d been living in relative seclusion (seeing only my relatives) for many years, if people were going to believe that I was still alive and making new music then I’d have to start making some noise or other.

Since the words ‘live performances’ are now crossed out in indelible ink on my ‘Things I Like to Do’ list, one of my other options was to start talking, other than just to my family. Jess suggested that I begin with short sentences to get me used to the idea of communicating with strange people. The ideal place for this novel activity was Twitter, so with a gentle push, though actually more of an arm-lock, she signed me up. At first I was painfully shy and quite timid about joining in conversations. Six months later, I now just barge in anywhere and have no qualms about exchanging utter drivel with seemingly intelligent people. What fun it is!

Mary Hopkin Valentine Album Tapestry

It seems that a lot of people thought I’d popped off years ago, and rumours of my alleged demise have been imaginative and amusing. Curiously, I appear to have died on more than one occasion (and not just that memorable time onstage in Adelaide). In one account, I married a Neanderthal, was dragged back to his cave and never seen again. An altogether more exciting report was of being fatally (or fatly!) sat upon by a Sumo wrestler whose mawashi (loincloth) was later sold on eBay.

Now that the myths have been dispelled, you can be assured that I’m alive – and kicking. By the way, I divorced the Neanderthal and I am currently dating the repentant Sumo wrestler, who now seems to be the gentlest of souls… I have put him on a very strict diet for good measure.

Until next time…

Mary, the living legend…

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