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You Look Familiar

28th October 2011

I am sitting on the floor of my guest-room, searching the floorboards for a lost pin. In a half-hearted attempt to hang some of the fifteen paintings I have just finished framing, my fumbling fingers (alliteration overload) have dropped the crucial pin, which is now no doubt firmly and permanently lodged between the boards. Writing my next blog seems a better option than prodding at years of impacted dust and mangled spiders so… time for a cuppa and a wedge of buttered bara brith. Abject apologies – it’s an accidental alliteration day.

Mary Hopkin Morgan Visconti You Look Familiar Album

Your response to our ‘You Look Familiar’ (Mary and Morgan) album has been most heartening. It’s good to know that the new music is being heard and approved of by those with extremely long memories, as well as more recent listeners. Any who have filled their baskets in our shopful of goodies are to be especially thanked – it is an encouraging and well-deserved reward for my lovely Jessica for all her endless work on my behalf. Her own album, ‘I Am Not’ is a credit to her extensive musical and songwriting skills and is also to be found here at the The HopShop. I promote our material on sale without a hint of embarrassment since a website is essentially a shop window where years of great effort, passion and love all poured into our music are on display.

Meanwhile, there have been questions as to the origin of the title of the ‘You Look Familiar’ album. Well, now… it came about in the strangest way…

On a rare, inclement Sunday in August, following the example of Miss Bingley and Miss Eliza Bennet, I was taking a turn about the guest-room, as is my wont in unfriendly weather. Since my guest-room would comfortably fit four times into the Netherfield drawing-room, I can easily manage quite a few turns in the space of five minutes. When my route became tiresome and the scenery monotonous, I increased my pace and altered my course.

As I strode across the floorboards, I brushed shoulders with a passer-by, and glancing over my shoulder I perceived a handsome young man who was also looking back at me. A spark of recognition passed between us and I realized it was my son, Morgan, who was visiting me for the weekend. By some coincidence, there we were in the same room at the very same time. How we laughed and delighted in this chance meeting. We agreed to meet later that day with Jessica at the tea-table in the sitting room, where we could converse over our sandwiches and cake and further discuss the peculiar events of the day.

… and that is how ‘You Look Familiar’ became the title of the album.

Stranger than fiction…


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