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Here on our page we're not going to try and replicate the wealth of information that is available on the web. We're just going to point you to them.

Each link will open a new browser window.

Mary Hopkin page on Facebook

Jessica runs and posts on this page, and Mary might cast the occasional eye over it.

Mary on Twitter

Catch Mary herself in full wit and wisdom on Twitter.

Mary Hopkin Music on Twitter

Our news feed on Twitter.

Mary Hopkin YouTube Channel

Official videos and extras by Mary and friends

Apple era albums

The albums "Postcard" and "Earth Song/Ocean Song" are available from other sources on the web.

All Mary's albums, including her Apple albums Postcard and Earth Song/Ocean Song are on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and all reputable download and streaming services.

Mary Hopkin Scrapbook

A great Facebook group which posts loads of old pictures and videos of Mary.

Morgan Hopkin Gallery

Home of Welsh art by the Morgan Hopkin family. Featuring Llewellyn Morgan's and Morgan Visconti's photographs, and Elizabeth Hopkin and Carole Morgan Hopkin's paintings.

Jessica Lee Morgan

Mary's daughter Jessica, with her own music.

Morgan Visconti

Mary's son Morgan, with his own music and photography.

Space Group

Owned and run by her daughter Jessica Lee Morgan and Jess's partner Christian Thomas.