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Welcome to the official Mary Hopkin website. If you think 'Those Were the Days' then why not check out the Mary Hopkin Friendly Society for Mary's Apple career.

To stay tuned to what Mary is doing these days, read on and browse the site.

Here's where you can find Mary on social media:

Twitter: @themaryhopkin - Mary herself, so you can have a chat.

Twitter: @maryhopkinmusic- our Twitter, run by Jessica

Facebook: - run by Jessica.


Friday 11 April 2014

We've just started a competition and special offer on Facebook and Twitter. The competition ends on 25 April.

This week's track is 'Take Me Back', from Now and Then.

In our latest blog, Jessica talks about the other musicians on the archive albums.


Friday 04 April, 2014

Our album of the month is our fifth release Now and Then, the second of the transferred archive albums. There'll be blogs discussing the technical and studio aspects of these releases, as well as background information for you. Also keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for special offers!

This week's song is Mary's 'Who Will Be'.


Friday 21 March, 2014

Mary has recently answered a few questions about 'Love Belongs Right Here', which you can read here.


The song for this week is 'Who's the One?' from the Recollections album.

In the first of a series of blogs, Chris talks about the process behind creating the archive albums. This week, he talks about the nailbiting process of getting the tapes into a digital format.


Our focus this month is on our third album release, Recollections. This was the first of the archive albums that had been transferred from the old 2 inch tapes. We'll be discussing some of our recollections of mixing this album over the coming weeks.
If you have any questions about the album or the archives, please ask us either on Twitter or on the Facebook page!

This week's song is 'Another Day'


This week's song from Valentine is 'Life Begins Again'.

With our memorabilia auction well under way, Jessica has written about our close links with Japan.


Jessica has written about Mary's songwriting in our blog this week.

Don't forget you can ask us questions, or request topics for blogs through our Twitter and Facebook pages

Our Valentine song for Valentine's Day is 'Hope Is'.


Your samples this month come appropriately from the Valentine album. We'll be playing Mary's songs from the album for you, and giving you her thoughts and other facts about the songs as the month goes on.

Starting things off, this week's song is 'All I've Ever Known'.

As usual, you can buy the album in the HopShop.

Read Jessica's blog Making the Archives on how Valentine and the other archive albums came about

You can be the proud owner of some Mary Memorabilia. Visit our auction page to get a preview and a chance to bid


Our song this week is 'Gold and Silver', taken from the Painting by Numbers Album. You can watch the video, or read Jessica and Morgan's blog about the making of the track.


Painting by Numbers is available on iTunes and all your favourite other legal download services. On the very same legal download services you will be able to purchase Morgan Visconti's EP Can't Say Goodbye.

Morgan is of course Mary's son, and together they made the album You Look Familiar.


Painting by Numbers received a glowing review on Fatea, which you can read here.

Brian Willoughby has published his memoirs of a forty year career that started with a tour with Mary. His book is called '40 Years On The Road...For Something I Didn't Even Do!' More information here.

There is a lot in the pipeline this year for MHM. To keep up with the action, sign up for our newsletter using the form to the left!


Hoorah! Mary's brand new album Painting by Numbers is here at last! Stripped-down and bare arrangements of Mary's own songs make this a real palate-cleanser of a record. It features a song co-written with Brian Willoughby who also lends his beautiful guitars, and another co-written with Benny Gallagher.

It's available here from the HopShop and will be available from all good legal download stores early in the new year. Order now in time for Christmas!


Painting by Numbers Revealed!

Following last week's announcement of the forthcoming release of Painting by Numbers, we can reveal the album artwork. Head over to the HopShop for a first look. This is all Mary's own work.

You'll find track listings here.


New Album

We've kept it quiet, but there's exciting news this week, as Mary's BRAND NEW album "Painting by Numbers" goes for mastering. The album will be available through the HopShop in early November. We'll be giving a sneak preview of the artwork in the next few days, as well as revealing track titles.