Mary Hopkin Live at the Royal Festival Hall

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Welcome to the official Mary Hopkin website. If 'Those Were the Days' then why not check out the Mary Hopkin Friendly Society for Mary's Apple career, and buy 'Those Were The Days' in the Hopshop.

Read about the re-recording of the song here.

To stay tuned to what Mary is doing these days, read on and browse the site.

Here's where you can find Mary on social media:

Twitter: @themaryhopkin - Mary herself, so you can have a chat.

Twitter: @maryhopkinmusic- our Twitter, run by Jessica

Facebook: - run by Jessica.


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Our Space Records Store incorporates all of Mary's releases on Mary Hopkin Music as well as music from her offspring, Morgan Visconti and Jessica Lee Morgan, and books from her mother Elizabeth Morgan and sister Carole Morgan Hopkin.